The film is based on a novel by the same name, which are both written by Phillip Lehn.

Though having directed various short films, this will be Bobby Pimentel's feature film

directorial debut.

Some of the cast members took it upon themselves to provide their character's wardrobe, stating it would help them figure out who they were as a character.

Phillip Lehn wrote the script six different times before he became happy with it.

Very much like the character of Natalie Knowles, who is usually two-steps ahead of everyone, Tiffany Lefler was the same way whenever she was being asked about her character. She would tell the director the answers they wanted to hear, and things they didn't even know they wanted to hear.

The actor protraying Young Sammy Buford, Matthew Paul Lehn, is the younger cousin of Phillip Lehn, who plays the adult version of Sammy Buford.

Only three cast members have acted on film before. Six have appeared on stage. The remaining of the cast members are introduced in the film.

The script is 117 pages long
and is 65% dialogue.

Some of the events that happen in the film were inspired by real life events.

This will have been the third time the Director of Photography, Julie Whitis, has worked with Actor Mike Adams on a feature film. The two other films have been "The Legend Within" and "The Forgiven."

Actress Taylor Rodier, who portrays Sierra McDouglass in the film, didn't know about the auditions for "The Sessions." Lehn's mother, Susan Monahan, spotted Rodier while she was acting in a play, and found her afterwards to suggest trying out for a role. She was cast on the spot.

The film is a first for many: first directorial debut for Bobby Pimentel; first feature screenplay by Phillip Lehn; and first feature film appearance by several actors including Tiffany Lefler, Dixie Stamey, Taylor Rodier, Isaac Beverly, Sierra Fullwood, Andrew Jackson, Patty M, Brett Nugent, Patti Roehrig, Kurt Reid, Nancy Rolen, Matthew Lehn, and Nora Peeler.

The three-piece art piece that hangs over Sammy Buford's bed is a homage to the novel. Though the film is a set in a suburban area, the novel took place in New York City. The painting is of the Brooklyn Bridge.

All of the therapy scenes with Phillip Lehn (Sammy Buford) and Tiffany Lefler (Dr. Natalie Knowles) were shot in just over a month, going over 9 days, 51 hours, 229 takes, and 29 pages worth of dialogue.

Each character's backstory is an adaptation of someone Phillip Lehn personally knew. A few character were even inspired by real life individuals. 

When Lehn wrote the novel that the film is based on, he gave it to his hair stylist, Tricia Peeler, to read; wanting to see what someone thought of the story. Peeler said it would make a good movie. Peeler's daughter, Nora Peeler, appears in the movie as Young Jenny Johnson.

Dixie Stamey, who portrays Jenny Johnson, never had any intentions of auditioning. Before auditioning began, though, she played opposite Phillip Lehn in a romantic short film, which inspired her casting due to her chemistry with Lehn.

Actor Phillip Lehn and Actress Tiffany Lefler both studied at the same acting conservatory in Asheville, North Carolina. This would be the first time they've worked together.

Each of the three main women in "The Sessions" were written very different specifically. Natalie Knowles was written to be emotional-based, Sierra McDouglass was to be physical-based, and Jenny Johnson was written to be the mix of both. They each have a different look due to this: Natalie Knowles will look conservative, Sierra McDouglass will be more promiscuous, and Jenny Johnson will have a girl-next-door appearance.

The film takes place between November and January.

In order to prepare for emotional scenes, Phillip Lehn and Dixie Stamey would listen to certain music in order to get to the right emotions, and Tiffany Lefler would put herself in a room by herself until she
was ready to perform.

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