BOBBY PIMENTEL is the Director for "The Sessions."  He directed and co-produced the short film "The Tortured Sin," and as well been an assistant director to the short film, "Inclination." He has involvement with the global, five-continent feature film, "The Legend Within," and has gone on to co-write in the award-winning short film, "All Made Up." Bobby is also involved in various upcoming projects in multiple capacities. "The Sessions" is his directorial feature debut.

JULIE WHITIS is the founder of the film group ARTIVATIONAL.  She has been a part of five feature films and numerous other short films as producer, director, cinematographer, writer, editor, and assistant director. Artivational has won several awards and honors locally and internationally. Julie enjoys helping others find and hone their passion in film and provides opportunities to showcase their talents.

DAVID CORTELLO  is a composer, teacher, and musician. He received a BA in music from the University of New Orleans and an MM and Ph.D. in composition from Louisiana State University and currently teaches at Catawba Valley Community College.  He composes for film, solo, small ensemble, orchestra and multimedia, and his work has been performed by Tessa Brinkman, Athanasios Zervas, the High Point University Chamber Singers, and the Louisiana Sinfonietta, among others.

He has written and produced the music for several short films, winning “Best Musical Score” in the 2017 Asheville 48 Hour Film Project. "The Sessions" is his first feature length film. 

MICHAEL VIGNOLA is an American Film Composer. Some of his credits include "Carried away," "Good Character" and "Lovely Thoughts" to name a few. "The Sessions" will be his third feature film.

THADDEUS SHELL is an American videographer and sound technician. He will be performing his duties as the on-set videographer, photographer, and sound tech for "The Sessions." This is his first feature film gig.

COREY WALL is an American actor, writer, director, and professional crew member that has worked on several short films, including award-winning films "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" and "All Made Up." He has also worked on the feature film "The Legend Within" as a behind the scenes videographer, lighting coordinator, and grip.

TYLER McKENZIE is a filmmaker and editor who soon joined as a Production Assistant for "The Sessions".  Most of Tyler's latest work can be found on his YouTube channel named "Soniccrew128". He is mostly known for his VFX, filming, animation, and music video collab parts for his work. And is hoping to grow as an amazing film making guy for years to come. This is his second feature film gig.

SYDNEY ROBERTSON is the Production Assistant for "The Sessions."  She is a multimedia student at Western Piedmont Community College, where she has contributed to various short films, and is interested sharpening her skills in the film industry. This will be her first position on a feature film.


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